feet Drilled




  • Stryker drilled a 22,000’ MD/ 11,000’ lateral record well in 27 days spud to TD in Ward, Co for Diamondback Energy (Delaware Basin)
  • Stryker drilled a 9 day spud to TD well with a 10,000’ lateral in 123 drilling hrs. which is also a drilling record for Diamondback Energy – Howard Co. (Midland Basin)
  • Stryker sets the standard with a 3 well pad drilling record in Howard Co. For Diamondback Energy ( Lots of info if we actually need details ). Midland Basin)
  • Stryker 4 3/4 “ mtr accomplishment Motor drilled 9,000 ft in 171 hrs and was pulled on hrs as per Operator in Eddy Co. (Delaware Basin)
  • Stryker drilled longest conventional 6” lateral for Delaware Operating Co. – Winkler Co. – 11,000 ft.


We have used Stryker Energy Directional Services for directional work on two wells. I’ve been impressed by their attention to detail, excellent communication, and competitive pricing. Their personnel are experienced and have extensive knowledge in the local Scurry Co. area. The directional drillers were responsive and worked hard to ensure we stayed on target while maintaining best ROP. MWD is responsive and quick to get data sent from the well site. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stryker for directional services, and I intend to continue using them in the future.

King Operating Corp.

I have worked with Stryker Directional for over four years and continue to be impressed with
their service and performance. Over those years I have worked with many of their DD’s and
they have all been knowledgeable and performed to our standards. For example, in the last
week we have broke Mewbourne Wolfcamp curve records back to back. One being in 10 1/4
hours and only three days later on an offset well we drilled a 10 hour curve. I would not
hesitate to recommend Stryker Directional and look forward to what we can do in the future.
There is a reason why they are drilling on 5 of our 6 rigs in the Permian.

Drilling Engineer