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Stryker’s industry leading experience in drilling the most challenging directional projects consistently delivers quality and expedient well-bore placement. Our highly experienced and performance driven drillers are known to provide directional services on budget and on time. Our team is dedicated to bringing our customers closer through unmatched service, ever providing a partnership of trust and reliability.

As we have progressed, and with the methods we employ, many of the problems encountered in drilling and producing oil economically have been answered. Nevertheless, controlling the well bore in such a fashion consumes very little of our time due to our investment in exceptional maintenance and repair for our top-of-industry products. Improvements in our equipment and techniques such as bottom-hole orientation, non-magnetic drill collars, and positive displacement motors better serves our customers by delivering value in every project.

Motor vs RSS Forum

Stryker Energy Directional representatives were in attendance at the International Association of Directional Drilling (IADD) Mud Motors vs. Rotary Steerable Systems Forum in Midland, Texas.

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