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Stryker has industry leading experience in drilling the most challenging directional projects consistently delivering quality. Our highly experienced and drillers are known to provide directional services on budget and on

Offering and providing a complete spectrum of directional services that incorporate multilateral, horizontal, conventional displacement, straight-hole drilling, open hole side tracks and re-entry applications, Stryker has the tools and expertise for use in extreme and rugged environments including, but not limited to, high pressure and high temperature situations, and oil-based

Benefits Exceptional maintenance and ease of repair operations Windows® based firmware/software that is easy-to-use Low power consumption Rugged design allows full retrievability and reseatability without tripping Can withstand and operate under flow rates from 75 to 1100 gpm

Stryker’s High Accuracy Electronic Magnetic survey system provides a vast improvement in the accuracy and reliability of magnetic survey instrumentation by employing the latest technology including: • Tri-axial magnetic and gravity force-field sensors. • Solid-state electronic data acquisition and processing. • Special data verification and performance modeling procedures and techniques.

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