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HSE Policy

As with any integral industrial service company, Stryker complies with and implements all current safety practices and regulations. Holding ourselves to the highest standard in performance, we regularly practice safe principles in the office and in the field. Stryker has a long standing reputation for the highest safety standards and environmental leadership. Without a certain degree of integrity and an excellence in ethics, we would not be the company we are today with the outstanding personnel that comprises us. All work is required to be completed following safe working practices complying with all Laws and applicable HS&E regulations. We follow all guidelines of OSHA, and administer ISN safety training to all of our employees to insure that not only they have the training, but to insure that we hold each other up to the highest standards.

Safety records are available to current and potential clients by request.

Our employees are Stryker’s most valuable resource, each employee’s safety and welfare is our primary responsibility.

Our companies continued success in the industry is due to: