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Drilling Motors

Drilling Motors


Stryker Directional motors are some of the most reliable in the industry. We continue to enhance and improve our tools to withstand the increased power from today’s higher torque power sections. We are able to speed up hydrocarbon recovery with faster ROP, run longevity, superior steering response and hole quality.


With motors available from 4 ¾ to 7 ¾ and powers from high speed low torque 1.1 RPG thru slow speed high torque .15 RPG we can achieve the correct torque and bit speed for virtually any application. In house Stryker experts ensure the optimal power performance by selecting the correct elastomer and fit for each specific motor application.


Each and every motor is assembled with pride and held to the highest standards possible. The professional team here at the Stryker motor facility has over forty years of combined motor experience, and we understand the importance of performance and reliability.


Staying on bottom drilling is the name of the game and our motors continue to deliver.

Our companies continued success in the industry is due to: