Quality Policy

Quality Policy

bigstock-Quality-pyramid-6977926Stryker Directional is committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of our customer as well as setting the industry standard. We will fully support and achieve our quality goals and objectives. We will continuously strive to seek improvements not only in our Quality Management system, but in our products as well. Every Employee understands and commits to the Standard:

Quality is every ones responsibility

What this means to us:

  • Follow established procedures or recommended revisions. Work within the system.
  • Work responsibly. Know what each task at hand requires. Check to be sure all requirements are met. When in doubt, ask.
  • Work safely. While working be aware of others. Safety procedures and guidelines protect both fellow employees and our products as well.
  • Communicate. Work together to achieve the task at hand. Good communication will assure that we will work safely. As well will positively effect the final outcome of our product.
  • Work with and support the customer and their needs to the best of our ability. Remember the customer is always number one, no matter how big or on what level.

Stryker Directional strives to be a valuable asset to its customers and community.

We are committed to providing the highest quality, safe and reliable product in the industry. Customer satisfaction is priority one, and will always be to assure our continued success and presence in this market.


Alan Mann

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