MWD with Stryker


Stryker Directional provides MWD/LWD services that have exceptional maintenance and are easy to repair if ever needed. We use a Windows based firmware that utilizes very little power to run. Stryker Directional MWD/LWD services are designed to be rugged and are fully retrievable and reseatable without tripping.

Measurement While Drilling

Measurement While Drilling is the collection of various types of bottomhole borehole data in real-time to steer the well along a predetermined well path. The data is typically transmitted via mud pulse by creating pressure pulses in the drilling fluid which is then detected at the surface by use of a pressure transducer. The pulse data is then decoded via the Surface Receiver and processed real-time within a matter of seconds to verify the position of the wellbore along the well path to ensure it’s being drilled as planned.

Logging While Drilling

Logging While Drilling is the measurement of the formation properties during the time in which the wellbore is being drilled. The LWD is an option that is added to the MWD. This Real Time data is used to identify the formation of the wellbore to ensure the wellbore is in the production formation as measured. There are numerous types of formation evaluation tools but the most common is the Gamma Ray Tool. Gamma Ray tools record naturally occurring gamma rays in the formations adjacent to the wellbore. This measurement indicates the amount of radioactive content within the formation which then allows the geologist to determine the exact formation being drilled. This data can then be use for steering the well to ensure the BHA stays in the formation zone of interest.

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