Directional Drilling – Stryker

Stryker Directional offers and provides a complete spectrum of directional drilling services that incorporate multilateral drilling, horizontal drilling, conventional displacement, straight-hole drilling, open hole side tracks and re-entry applications. Stryker has the tools and expertise for use in extreme and rugged environments including, but not limited to, high pressure and high temperature situations, and oil-based fluids. Stryker’s tool utilization ranges from 4 3/4″ to 12 1/4″ with the ability to provide tools for other hole sizes and situations.
Stryker’s industry leading experience in directional drilling the most challenging directional projects consistently delivers quality and expedient well-bore placement. Our highly experienced and performance driven drillers are known to provide directional services on budget and on time. Our team is dedicated to bringing our customers closer through unmatched service, ever providing a partnership of trust and reliabilty.
Stryker Directional services drilling operations across the entire North American continent. Check out our PERFORMANCE page to get an idea of where we have been and what we are capable of achieving.

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