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About Us


Stryker Energy Directional Services, proudly leading the drilling industry in performance, efficiency and integrity.  Incorporated in 2010, our management group has over 100 years combined directional drilling experience which allows us to provide you with the application of some of the most extensive and accurate knowledge in the drilling industry.

When it comes to directional drilling, Stryker Directional offers the best in positive displacement motors and performance driven personnel. We are pleased to offer a broad spectrum of directional services using multilateral, horizontal, conventional displacement, straight hole drilling, open hole side tracks and re-entry applications.  In addition we have the tools and expertise for use in extreme and rugged environments such as high pressure and high temperature situations and oil-based fluids.  Industry leading experience allows us to tackle the most challenging directional projects while consistently delivering quality and expedient bore placement, on budget and on time. Our goal is to deliver value in every project.

Our Mud Pulse MWD System is a proven, rugged complete wellsite solution. The MWD is fully retrievable to reduce the financial risk associated with lost in hole conditions and minimizing rig downtime. The Stryker MWD measures and transmits downhole data to the surface, enabling the directional drilling of the borehole. The critical data transmitted includes inclination, azimuth and toolface in addition gamma ray readings and temperature.

At Stryker our Surface Recording gyroscope provides gyro-surveys which are the fastest and most accurate means of locating the exact location of your bore hole from surface to TD.  We accomplish this by our expedient survey times which result in less rig time per survey. Stryker’s gyro system is engineered to the highest possible standards, so you can be confident the downhole tool is always performing at its best. In addition to borehole surveys, Stryker provides whipstock and mud motor orientation as well as core orientations.

Stryker complies with all OSHA safety standards. We are also an accredited member of ISNetworld and P.E.C. Premier.  Without a high degree of integrity and an excellence in ethics, we would not be the company we are today with the outstanding personnel that comprises us.

We are pleased to be affiliated with the AADE as well as the Texas Oil and Gas Association. With time and experience and the methods we employ, many of the problems found in drilling and producing oil economically have been successfully addressed. As a result controlling the well bore consumes very little time thanks to our investment in exceptional maintenance and repair for out top-of-industry products. Our ultimate goal is to deliver unmatched products and services in a partnership of trust and reliability

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