Core Orientation

Core Orientation

Stryker’s High Accuracy Electronic Magnetic survey system provides a vast improvement in the accuracy and reliability of magnetic survey instrumentation by employing the latest technology including:

  • Tri-axial magnetic and gravity force-field sensors.
  • Solid-state electronic data acquisition and processing.
  • Special data verification and performance modeling procedures and techniques.

The High Accuracy Electronic Magnetic survey system consists of a downhole sensor and electronics package, powered by a battery pack in the single or multishot mode. Data is downloaded at surface to a laptop computer; the High Accuracy Electronic Magnetic survey system has numerous advantages over the older film-based systems.

What has been eliminated:

  • Film-reading and human interpretation errors.
  • Limited angle operation and poor resolution of photo-angle units.
  • Reliability problems associated with film, mechanical camera operation, and temperature sensitivity.
    Time consuming downhole survey operation and lengthy film-reading procedures.


  • Downhole probe with power pack: 1.00” O.D. x 30” long, 4 lbs
  • Protective housing: 1.75” O.D. x 4’, 24 lbs.
  • Standard magnetic single/multishot running gear
  • Programmable delay setting, 1-530 minutes
  • Memory Storage: 800,000 survey records
  • Survey shot interval, 1 second to 530 minutes
  • Pressure rating: 12,500 psi
  • Temperature rating: 32° – 302° F / 0° – 150° C
  • Surface Computer
  • Resolution: azimuth, inclination, toolface – 0.01°
  • Readings: inclination, azimuth, toolface, magnetic field
  • Strength, dip angle, gravity field strength, temperature.
  • Gamma Capable

Orientation Reports

Raw data is downloaded from the probe directly to a portable computer as soon as the High Accuracy Magnetic probe is recovered from the drill string. Stryker’s software package allows the surveyor to process the data on location quickly and efficiently. Orientation reports are printed and distributed on site as needed.

Data Verification Reports

Total output values for each data point is recorded, including magnetic and gravity field information. This enables the surveyor to ascertain the validity of each data point and orientation survey.

Data Points

Stryker has upgraded the memory chip to a more robust, shock dampened, and temperature modeled version. This enables the probe to collect and store more data points over a variety of temperatures with greater accuracy. The variable delay timing and shot intervals allow the surveyor to take data points as required.

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